Armenian delegation to Sweden

Representatives from the Armenian government, civil society, academia and private sector visited Sweden for a study tour in mid-June, which followed from the finalization of the World Bank funded strategic assessment of Armenia's mineral sector, undertaken by SGAB. A range of meetings were held with central and local authorities, industry representatives, and consultancy firms, and the group also participated at the Euromine Expo and visited the Aitik, Björkdal and Falu mines.      

Multistakeholder workshop on sustainable mineral sector development, in Yerevan

As part of a World Bank funded strategic assessment of Armenia’s mineral sector, a multistakeholder workshop is held at the American University of Armenia. Some 80 participants from industry, government, academia, civil society and development partners contributed to an increased understanding of issues and possibilities of mining sector development. 

UAV airborne magnetic test survey in northern Sweden

Remote Mapper, an in-house developed method for airborne magnetic surveying using a fixed wing UAV, is tested in northern Sweden, with acquired data being of excellent quality. The project is supported by VINNOVA.

Completion of Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment of Tajikistan’s mining sector

The SESA was undertaken over a time period of 12 months and constitutes an analysis of current mining activities and the potential for future development of the mineral sector of Tajikistan, with particular focus on governance and management for environmental and social sustainability.

Completion of Monitoring and Evaluation framework, Papua New Guinea

The purpose of the M&E framework is to enable the authorities to better follow up and evaluate contributions from companies, different level governments, and local communities to sustainable socioeconomic development. A three-pillar M&E framework was developed based on monitoring of direct effects of mining projects (employment, local procurement, etc.); monitoring of implementation of stakeholder projects as detailed in project-specific Memorandum of Agreements, and; monitoring of longer term outcomes and impacts through the use of pre-designed indicators. 

Ethiopia’s Extractive Industries Forum

Swedish Geological AB presented the final report of the Strategic Assessment of the Ethiopian mining sector in the first comprehensive forum on the Ethiopia Extractive Industries Sector, which was held in Addis Ababa during the 7-8 of October 2014.

Papua New Guinea – Monitoring and Evaluation framework for the MRA

Swedish Geological with SNL Mining and Metals will develop a framework for improved monitoring and evaluation of the socio-economic and environmental impacts and benefits that relate to mining projects in PNG. The Client is the Mineral Resources Authority and the funder is the World Bank.

Tajikistan – Strategic environmental and social assessment of the Mining Sector

Swedish Geological AB together with GEUS and Youth of the 21st century of Tajikistan will perform an interdisciplinary study that will contribute to the improved management of the mining sector. The Client is the State Committee for Investment and State Property Management and the project is financed by the WB, and will be completed in the first half of 2015.

Ethiopia – Strategic Assessment of the Mining Sector

The Ethiopia – Strategic Assessment of the Mining Sector (SAMS) project, started in May 2013 and continuing until the end of the year, aims to provide the Ministry of Mines and various donors with recommendations and key information needed when designing or supporting projects that will develop the mining sector in coming years. The SAMS is funded by the World Bank, together with CIDA, DFID, AusAid and the IFC. These donors form a core group that this is supporting the development of the sector. The World Bank has engaged Swedish Geological AB (SGAB) as the consultant for the SAMS. SGAB is partnering with the Swedish firm RMG and the Ethiopian firm Iris Consult PLC.

Review of the EIA for the Conga Project, Peru

SGAB was retained by the WWF (NL) to review the EIA of the controversial Newmont/Buenaventura/IFC led Conga AU/Cu project in Cajamarca, Peru. The review found significant weaknesses in the EIA related to both content and process, and proposes how it should be improved. It further identifies the need to perform a strategic environmental and socio-economic study of mining activities in the Cajamarca region. The full report can be downloaded here.

Support to Uganda DGSM, Labs section, in refurbishment, training project

A project for the Ugandan Dept. of Mines and Geological Survey (Labs and Seismology Sections), under the SMMRP, has been started. SGAB is supporting DGSM in the refurbishment of their assay and petrological labs, and extension of the seismological network. The project involves assistance in lab design, AAS and XRF training, support to construction of seismological stations and support in international training programs.

Successful completion of the Small-Scale Mining Curriculum project in Papua New Guinea

The Technical Assistance for the Small-Scale Mining Curriculum Development and Training Project in Papua New Guinea has been successfully completed, in December 2010. The key achievement was building, equipping and developing curricula for a small-scale mining school located in Wau (together with Projekt-Consult GmbH).

Successful completion of the Environmental and Social project in Uganda

The project Establishment of an Environmental and Social Management Framework for the Mining Sector was successfully completed in November 2010. The project was an in-depth investigation of environmental and social issues in the mining sector, and included a countrywide stakeholder consultation.

Mozambique and Zimbabwe, mining in the Save and Buzi catchments

SGAB initiates work on a study of the mining activities occurring in the bi-national (Mozambique and Zimbabwe) river catchments of Save and Buzi. The work will contribute to a “Joint Integrated Water Resources Management Strategy” for the two rivers. The overall project is being implemented by a Sweco/COWI led consortium, on behalf of SADC.

Swedish guidelines, Consultation & Disclosure

SGAB has been contracted by Georange ( to lead the development of Guidelines for Consultation & Disclosure in mining-related projects in Sweden. The Guidelines were presented at the Euro Mine Expo 2010, and the final version will be launched towards the end of 2010.

Papua New Guinea, small-scale mining

SGAB participates in an EDF-funded project aimed at providing technical assistance to the small-scale mining sector of Papua New Guinea. The project is led by Projekt-Consult GMBH of Germany.

Uganda, cadastre and registry system

An SGAB-led association is contracted to assist the Uganda Department of Geological Survey and Mines in the design of a new mining cadastre and registry system. The project is funded by the NDF.

Uganda, airborne geophysical data

SGAB in consortium with the Geological Survey of Sweden initiates work on an NDF-funded project to assist the Uganda Department of Geological Survey and Mines in the processing and interpretation of airborne geophysical data.

Mineral Services Group

Swedish Geological AB is established as a Mineral Services Group (MSG) business as a result of an agreement for strategic and long term cooperation between the former owner Hifab and MSG.

Uganda, environmental and social management for the mining sector

An SGAB led association initiates work on a World Bank financed contract which will assist the Ugandan Department of Geological Survey and Mines in establishing environmental and social management frameworks for the Mining Sector.

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